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Here are some links to articles and books that talk about our farm.

Our favorite customer comments

" I purchased some of your Abenaki Flint cornmeal at the Common Ground Fair. WOW!! Its outstanding."           

         "I was given a bag of your cornmeal and absolutely love it!!"            

     "Well you hit a home run with that product of yours...People love it. I love it."        

   "I want to tell you, I have been making cornbread for about 30 years, but yesterday's was the BEST. EVER. You're cornmeal really kicked it up a notch, and we loved it. Please keep doing what you're doing!"      

   "This was the best cornmeal I have ever had."           

" ...bought a bag of your Warthog Whole Wheat at the Common Ground Fair and I made a loaf of 100% wholewheat bread that was over the top. I have been making bread for 45 years...this was the best loaf ever to come out of my oven. Honestly, hands down the best. It rose beautifully, kept its form and the flavor was fantastic. Thank you."