We grow about 3 acres of mixed vegetables. Crops range from head lettuce, kale, pea tendrils and brussels sprouts to carrots, sweet potatoes, beets and melons. We have two large high tunnels one of which is heated by a wood fired boiler. With these we're able to grow a long season of red bell peppers, tomatoes and celery.


We grow 10 acres of small grains, flint corn and dry beans. Each crop is a heritage variety some of which have been grown in the Northeast for centuries. We grow "Warthog" winter wheat, a hard red wheat that is known for its flavor and great for making bread. "Danko" winter rye is our hardy variety that does well here in Maine.

The flint corn we grow is called Roy's Calais or Abenaki Flint Corn and is a heritage variety dating back to the Abenaki people who lived here in the Northeast.  Its flavor compares to no other!